Basement Reno Part 2… my big fake window

My ongoing post on our basement reno.

Our basement only has two tiny windows, here they are.


One of my biggest concerns was that I didn’t want my coastal themed dream room to feel like a basement, dark.. and small. I turned again, to my internet soul mate..Pinterest.


I wish I had the links..but these images gave me hope.

332cec43f7b19489dce52d0fe6243229 38676b98a8d77349378ceac5e1024436 BasementWindows007 BasementWindows016 BasementWindows019 IMG_5442


Brilliant aren’t they???
Spoke with my contractor, we decided just to do one fake window, since the other small window was right next to where our (spoiler alert) built in shelving/fireplace was going to be.

Here it is, all framed out. I was excited at this point.

You can see, that during the day it actually does get a lot of sun. It looks out onto our deck, so when this picture was taken, we had a bunch of patio furniture right in front of it.

I made sure the electrician hard wired it, it is attached to a switch on the opposite wall.  The next step was to find adequate lighting. You can almost see, the actual wall isn’t that thick, so the lighting had to be slim. I was worried about heat as well, so I decided to go with an LED light. This made for a bit of a challenge, all the LED lights I found, the strips etc, needed a plug. I know that you can strip wires etc and hard wire things, i just didn’t want to mess with that business.  I found a 24″ under cabinet light at home depot, that had the option to be hard wired and you can actually add others to each side if you want. .. might do that later. It was over $80… ouch. It’s actually the most expensive light in my basement right now. lol



Works great though. I added some metallic shelf lining paper, the sticky kind, to the back to make it more reflective. Before the window was even finished, I found some white wooden slat blinds at the thrift store for $4. They were a custom cut that I guess didn’t fit, still in the box! I bought them.. on the off chance they might fit my new fake window.


SCORE! They were a little short on either side, just maybe 1/4″ but you can’t tell behind these sweet curtains I found at HomeSense. (The Canadian version of HomeGoods) I like how the little teal stripes look like ropes… nautical right??


At night, the light does appear to be coming from the bottom, which is a little weird, I am considering moving the light, or getting some small strip lights for up each side to make it even. I might also eventually put in shutters and have the top quarter open like in my Pinterest inspirations. That is a plan for later, Thrift store blinds…$4… custom made shutters, $200++++

So for right now, I am just loving how much it adds to the room. What do you think???


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