My Basement Reno Part 1…Alternate Title… How I forced myself to stop being a hoarder.

I live in a small, semi detached house, in a big city. Now that my eldest is at University, it’s only 3 of us, plus the puppy baby.

roxie 198
Puppy Baby

Somehow the house seems smaller with a 5 year old than it ever did with a teenage. We had always planned to do the basement, among other renos.. and never got around to it. The biggest obstacle wasn’t the planning or the money… it was clearing out the basement. Hubby always said.. if you clear it out, we’ll get it finished.

I never took a before picture.. too embarrassed but picture this..


(not my basement) but piled to the ceiling with boxes, full of things I haven’t looked it in 10 years.

Oh the shame… I was horrified if anyone ever had to go down there, but pinterest saved me.. Pinterest gave me the motivation to move forward… to attempt the unthinkable.. to clear that hell hole out.


If you are interested, here’s my giant Pinterest board full of my motivation and ideas for the basement.

If you start at the bottom, and move up you will see the evolution of my plans. I always wanted a coastal themed room, initially it was going to be a pale blue like this


Fun Fact: I love in the middle of the country, no where near a beach.. or any coast. I guess Lake Ontario is pretty close… does that count?

I just have always loved the coastal theme.

The basement I wanted also would have a cute play room for BabyBoo, like this



And lots of fun coastal pieces like this


In fact I became obsessed with this whale….more on that later.

Thank you Pinterest for motivating me. After nearly 2 months.. a lot of trips to goodwill and the local dump, the basement was empty. Pictures aren’t nearly as great as my sense of accomplishment.



P1060712 P1060715 P1060717 P1060719

See that weird area under the stairs, with the low ceiling. That is where my main floor powder room is.  It is on the landing, a few steps down from the main floor, on the way to the basement. Ceiling in that one area is only 4 1/2 ft high. Who doesn’t love a challenge like that??

Stay tuned for part two.


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