Audrey – My 1976 Vintage Trillium Camper


As many of you know, and driven crazy in my search, I have been looking for an Adorable Vintage Camper to restore.  The search has been endless and time consuming but I have finally found her.  She is a 1976 Vintage Trillium Camper.  She is small and adorable and I love her already, tacky retro fabric and all. 


I fell in love with her right away, she is exactly what I have been looking for.  Her previous owners were so nice and they took excellent care of her.  All original equipment in excellent working condition and her body was in perfect shape, hardly any wear and tear on the girl.

And soooo –  after love at first sight we hooked her up and away we went with her. Special Thanks to my husband for helping me instead of rolling his eyes and saying “Another Project – ugh”.  I can sometimes be very impulsive and bought her on the spot with no idea how to even hook her up.  He came to the rescue and helped me get her home.  I think he was even a little bit excited about the idea also.


audrey 2

As my friends and family know, I love all things Vintage.  I love knowing that they have a history behind them. I loved hearing the stories of the previous owners adventures with her, where she had been and the fun times they had with her, music festivals etc etc.  She is well traveled.

 So now she needed a name.  ( And I call her “she” because she is curvy like a woman). I then decided to name her Audrey after the classy fun-loving lady, Audrey Hepburn. I also decided that the colour theme for “Glamping Her” will be Tiffany Blue, hence “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. ( a theme going here, lol)

Follow my adventures as I restore and “Glamp Out” this adorable little camper of mine.audrey-hepburn-quotes-audrey-hepburn-quote-25202




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