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Tea Cup Shapes?? It’s a whole crazy world out there.


By no means am I an expert on Tea Cups… I look everywhere for them, I find them, I go “ooooooooo soo pretty” then I sell them. Then I use the money I make selling them, to buy more tea cups. It’s a vicious circle/addiction.  Vickie and I have been doing this just over a year, when we started we knew NOTHING about tea cups, now..after a year and a few months…we know almost next to nothing, but it’s progress. lol

Apparently there are literally hundreds of different shapes for tea cups, and each manufacturer has it’s own names, even though some are nearly identical. If one pottery bought another, they would use the same shape, but sometimes refer to them as a different name…just to make it difficult for collectors or resellers 70 years later to make sense of it all.  If I make a mistake.. .please let me know.

So lets start with Royal Albert, because they are the most popular, and have the most available information I can find on this magical thing called the internet.

There’s an amazing website already called http://www.royalalbertpatterns.com that lists a zillion patterns and tons of info on Royal Albert. If you are a collector, I am sure you’ve been there.

There’s a whole page dedicated to shapes. HERE

Here’s a few of the most popular patterns offered by Royal Albert, with examples from our shop (of course)


il_fullxfull.518106752_rw6d Pretty shape, we have a large number of these in the store







Other than Royal Albert, we have tons of different shapes, this one in particular is really popular. Most collectors refer to it as corset shape. I believe it is primarily a Aynsley Shape.



We have seen a few shapes very similar to Aynsley’s Corset.

Here’s one by Grafton

il_570xN.521464033_erh1Pretty close… but I love the handle on this one. Very Art Deco.

That’s all for now.. stay tuned for more shapes.. once I figure out the names. Feel free to message us with any info! We’d love to share.


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