Tea Party Inspirations

Still working on the princess plan..but in the meantime….

My sister and I fell into the the vintage tea cup business… totally unintentional, we knew nothing about teacups.. but that is another story. Having an online store that sells vintage tea cups means that I spend all sorts of time looking at tea cups.. not just scattered all over my house but online, (pinterest)… and just about anywhere I can find them. I won’t lie.. my heart skipped a beat when I traveled to the UK section of  Epcot at Disney World and there was a small Twinnings Tea shop filled with adorable “tea things”. Let’s just say, I’m hooked.

No particular order to this, just some sweet inspirations.

47217496063507287_7NE0OLzs_f I love a good mismatched tea set. I love the look, the whimsy and charm. I want to have a tea party. .. i say that every few months. Still hasn’t happened.


This is what I imagine Vickie and I will look like at our vintage tea party!


This is how we’ll probably look.


Tea Party Humour


Tea Party Coolness


Tea Party for Girls


Tea Party Early Instagram

tea party

High Fashion Tea Party (for loners)


Tea Party For MollyJane (my 4 year old)


Tea Party Bridal Shower

urlMad-Hatter-party Garden-Tea-Party-Decorations

Tea Party Treats



Tea Party for Hipsters


Tea Party for Gardeners



And one for the British


And no tea party post is complete without Alice


And because you’ve been so sweet to read right through this silly post… here’s Elizabeth.. just a teaser… crappy cell phone picture..one coat of Annie Sloan Old White…. pardon the mess in the room, just back from holidays.





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