City Mouse/Country Mouse and more before and afters.

My commute is generally the complete opposite of most people’s.  I drive from a big city, to a rural area, to work. My office is in a house, on a dirt road. Most people have traffic, cabs, construction and what not to complain about. .. this is my biggest problem.


TURKEYS! Those are wild ass turkeys.. and they wander out onto the road.. they’re ridiculously dumb, and I am terrified of them. They’re HUGE!

BTW, Meleagrisphobia is the irrational fear of turkeys.. I may have it printed on a tshirt.. loud and proud.

Just thought I’d share that with you.

Now for my weekend, two smallish projects. First this nasty old 70s table I was about to toss, it was just plain veneered wood. I coated it with 3 different colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, the top is old white, the edge is Louis blue and the legs are Henrietta, a really soft pink.

IMG-20130223-00269 Still pretty lame

Next I printed out a graphic I liked from graphicsfairy.blogspot.ca

I sized it to fit the table, then i took a blue pastel (cause it was the only color I had) and rubbed all over the back.


I decided not to use the edge around the graphic. 


Rubbing everywhere there are letters.

Then i positioned the sheets in place and went over each letter with a pencil, so the blue rubbed off on the table. When I was finished it looked like this


Then I made myself a big cup of coffee.

Next I went over all the letters with a black permanent sharpie, I have several sizes, needed a find point for the small letters. Then end result looks rather messy, but I knew I was just going to sand the heck out of it and antique it, so I didn’t mind.

IMG-20130223-00278 - Copy

Then I went to town with my sanding block, then, added a coat of clear wax, let it dry, then went over with some dark wax in a few areas to make it look even older. You would barely recognize it, that 70s child is in my upstairs hallway now. I love it.


IMG-20130224-00290 - Copy

I promise I am going to start taking pictures with my camera and not my cell phone.

I have a tray project to share coming as well, But I think I will take some good quality “after” pictures before I post. Stay tuned.


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