Better Late than Never… THe before and after episode…

SO busy over the holidays, the blog has been neglected. But I promise to make up for it, with this “before and after” edition..lots of pictures…and maybe some inspiration.

Without further ado…

My latest Annie Sloan Attack! This lovely round end table.

She wasn’t too bad before.. the wood matched my buffet, but I just couldn’t control myself. She needed some Annie Sloan Chalk paint, and a new home.


Looks like she has two doors, but its actually one bid door that swings from the left. I love that feature because it’s being used to hide all my 3 year old’s Barbies and what not.


Two coats of Annie Sloan paint, no sanding or prep.. used Duck Egg Blue… my latest favorite. I was going to leave the top wood, but I wasn’t sure.. It went down in the basement for a month anyway to make room for the Christmas Tree.  I finally brought it up, and decided to use ASCP Old White.. and then antique it up with some wax etc. 3 year old made a mess of it a few times before I got to wax..so i just kept painting it over. I dont have a picture of that step.. so jump to……


WOW… did I ever change my mind. I was peeking over at The Graphics Fairy my latest late night addiction, and I couldn’t wait to try my hand of transferring some French Typography.  I got my hands on some freezer paper, then got frustrated with that method..and just did it the old fashioned way.. featured in the video here. 

Once I had the image traced, I literally colored it all in with a sharpie. It took about an hour, but i had the house to myself, and had PVR’d some Greys Anatomy to keep my company.


Then I just scuffed it up a bit with my sanding block, (after the sharpie ink was dry) and then added 2 coats of ASCP Clear Wax, and some more dark wax in the edges.

IMG-20130218-00265 IMG-20130218-00264

These pictures are all taken on my Blackberry… so they’re not so great. Hope you like the finished product.

Now for just a hodge-podge of Pics of other projects.

Molly’s Chalk Board Craft Table

BeforeMollyhelping beforeaftertableIMG-20121118-00133

Front Door Bench

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and a decal.

BENCHBEFORE (1) benchafter1

New TV Stand

IMG-20120615-00196 IMG-20120624-00250 IMG-20120624-00251That is actually wallpaper on the top. Covered in modge pod.. a few coats. So far it’s help upIMG-20120624-00249

Stay tuned.. I will try to take pictures with my Nikon for everything here on in, these cell images just aren’t cutting it lol

Hope you enjoyed.


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