I’m a little tea cup…..and I have 31 little friends

Estate Auctions are amazing things. I’ve purchased things from several of them.My latest find was 3 lots, a total of 32 vintage tea cups. What an adventure…I had to bring my own boxes and pack up all these delicate little cups and saucers..you can imagine how much bubble wrap i went through.  I will admit, going in, I knew NOTHING about china or tea cups. But in listing them in our etsy store..I’ve learn all about this crazy world of collecting tea cups. I have to admit..I am hooked. I want to keep them all. I had this crazy idea to create a tea cup Christmas tree. Of course once again the google world confirmed that none of my ideas are original.


This one is from http://seedsandstitches.blogspot.ca/2010/12/amelias-christmas-decorations.html


And this one is from Kimberley Shaw. Love the pink tree. http://kimberlyshaw.typepad.com/my_weblog/

I’ve got the tea cups now I just need to convince my family to forgo the traditional red and green of our xmas tree, homemade ornaments and Molly Jane’s Disney ornaments. I have a feeling I might lose that argument. Is there room for 2 trees I wonder?



Here’s just two of my favorites, taking a while to get them all listed on the store. So far we’re getting a lot of views though.




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