“The busy bee has no time for sorrow.” William Blake

Apparently the busy bee has no time for before pictures either. Looking through my pictures for the first “project” to post, I realized a glaring problem. I suck at before pictures. I have plenty of after. After is not as dramatic without the before. I will try to be better. Add that to my list of “try to be better”s

So without any further ado…The first Honey and Bumble Transformation.

Alternate title #1… How I Became Addicted to Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint.

Alternate title #2…Why My House Smelt Like a Chemical Plant for a Week


Here’s the little devil… I first read about it on Pinterest of course. I can’t send the specific link, it was last year. Needless to say …there are thousands. I’m not alone in this love affair.

My first victim, my shiny builders knobs.  There are 11 sets of these in the upstairs of my house. They’re ugly and cheap. But a new one is at least $30, so….you do the math, 11 sets OUCH. It’s not an easy switch. So i figured, why not give it a try.


Here they are.. shimmering in the flash light, all cheap and tacky. eeeek


Simple steps, take off knobs, pretty easy. Sand knobs…easy.. but not fun at all. I just roughed them all up with some 80 grit I had lying around. I stuck them all in a piece of styrofoam I had lying around, to keep them standing up straight. One coat of primer.. just some stuff I had lying around. Then 2 coats of oil rubbed bronze. I did this last winter, in my basement. The whole house stunk like paint for days. I don’t recommend. They’re not kidding when the say “well ventilated”

and VOILA!


I love them!!  I did just the ones for my bedroom, ensuite and closet 4 sets. I still have to do the other ones…I’ll get to it someday.

Here’s a lamp I attacked too.. sweet, i remembered to take a before picture. I got this one second hand for $3.


I also did a ceiling lamp. I learned the hard way on that one to make sure you don’t mix water based/oil based paints and primers. What a mess. But after a lot of sanding, and resanding, it turned out great. No picture, you’ll have to take my word for it. Honest..it’s great.



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